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1.7 billions trees are cut down to meet the paper needs of the U.S. Every year. That's 5 trees per person. And over half of that gets thrown away. We throw away so much, 1 years worth of landfill-bound paper would build a 12 foot wall from NYC to LA, almost all of which could be recycled.

To meet this demand, paper companies plant trees to harvest later. Some countries, however grow fast-growing eucalyptus trees that are not native to the area and alter the habitat by requiring more water and not supporting the same wildlife. Be sure to always looks for the FSC logo on wood and paper products to make sure the trees it came from weren't harmful to the environment.

Lastly, if everyone decreased their margins from 1" to 1/2" we'd save 5% of the paper used, which saves 6 million trees which would clean 500,000 TONS of CO2 from the air, the equivalent of taking 133,000 cars off the road.

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