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Taken from Rotten Tomato’s list of the worst movies of the new century, here’s the ones I’ve seen.

In Theatre:
– Glitter
– The New Guy  (Eliza Dushku Bikini-montage warranted the price)
– Good Luck Chuck  (when will I learn Jessica Alba and/or Dane Cook = fail?)
– My Baby’s Daddy (hey, I was making a lot of bad choices back then…)
– Down to You
– Dueces Wild
– The Covenant
– Kicking It Old School
– Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever

– Envy
– New Best Friend (rented multiple times, actually)
– Strange Wilderness

Bottom line, I love movies so much I’ve been blinded and wasted at least $200 on these crap movies.  Damn.

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