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One time when I was in high school I got really bored and decided to watch Golden Eye on shuffle. Learned that day that each chapter in that movie started with an explosion, and that I really didn't need to follow the ploy, just judge the velocity of explosion to tell what was going on.

I now have a new theory. I wager that if one could make their DVD player or pc shuffle 1-3 min increments of "Its Always Sunny", you'd have a show that looks very much the same and might enduce even more laughs. (to tell you the truth, I don't know if the writers for Always Sunny are comedic geniuses, idiot savants, or just using madlibs and are really good at improv…)

Here's an example:
Last week episode, Dee says "oh shit. There's stickers."
Episode 2 of this season, Charlie says "i eat stickers all the time!l

Totally different convo now!! I win.

Go home at try it yourself.

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