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Originally tried to blog-by-phone this on 9/19

So I thought I'd test out blogging from my Treo by telling you guys my harrowing story of this morning.

1.) went to bed about 11pm
2.) had a crazy dream about a disgruntled pizza delivery guy and a daschund that lived in the trunk of my car (calm down PETA, I know dogs don't live in trunks). Kept hearing a weird sound during this dream
3.) finally open my eyes to realize it's 4am and the sound was the fire alarm going off!!!
4.) even though all my clean clothes are laying about my room, I can't find pants and a t-shirt found 13 different dress shirt, but somehow during my Flee-the-Fire thought patterns, I decided I still needed to match.
5.) finally put pants on and run out the door to see that A.) I am the last person to get out of the building!!! And B) I'm wearing my sweatpants backwards, and I'm not sure my shirt is facing forward either
6.) firemen arrive and turn off the alarm. I skeptically return to my apt and sniff around for any flames.
7.) my alarm clock never went off this morning, leading me to believe that either A.) a certain someone broke it last time she threw it, or B.) the fire was localized to my alarm clock only.

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  1. 1 NE said at 8:27 pm on April 20th, 2009:

    That alarm clock is the devil and the devil lives in fire, so i’m pretty sure IT WAS your alarm clock that woke the entire building up!