A Car that runs on What?!?

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Would you drive one of these?

Reportedly it can go 60 miles on a tank of compressed air. Air, folks, air. That smog-filled crap we breathe every day, use it to power this escape-pod shaped sweet-ride of the future!
Get this, for Highway travel, this bad boy can go 800 miles by using a small motor to compress more air from outside the car as you go. The compressor motor will run on gasoline, ethanol, diesel, vegetable oil… so you could grab that salad dressing that’s sitting on the door of your fridge and is about to expire (if you’re anything like me, you never finish a bottle of dressing before it expires…), empty it into your Air Car and you’re set for trip to San Diego.
For the full article, check here. I know I for one will be ready to pick up my main squeeze in my Air Car when they start sales in 2011.

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