A rather small difference totally changes my perception

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If it was a rose under glass in this picture, I’d think this was an awesome homage to my favorite children’s book ever, The Little Prince. (anyone who hasn’t read this book at least once is doing themselves a dis-service).

However, since it’s a regular plant, this gives me terrifying idea that someone thinks it’d be a GOOD IDEA to take species of plants native to earth to other planets when we colonize. Not sure if you’re familiar with the concept of alien species, but here’s a quick rundown: They fuck shit up! You know why Hawaii and other islands like that were so great and wonderous? They were isolated. Today, however, they are all having problems because of foreign species introduced by immigrants and travelers. Even Australia had to erect a continent-wide fence to keep out English Rabbits that were destroying crops. Now someone thinks this will be helpful to do to the Moon or Mars or Tatooine?

C’mon people!

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