And I was proud when Maximus got 30 MPG…

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Let’s start with this tid-bit

Our friends at Ecomodder write: “The 2nd generation Honda CRX HF is a good platform for fuel economy. It’s light (1830 lbs), has a small 1.5L 62 horsepower engine, and relatively tall gearing. It’s rated at 41 city / 50 highway / 45 combined mpg (US) by the EPA’s revised 2008 ratings.”

 50 MPG Highway.  That’s stock.  OMFGWTFBBQ!!!   That’s a sweet load of fuel economy, and in a CRX.  You could probably pick one of these up for under $2k, put another $1k into fixing the worn-out parts and re-coup that in fuel this year alone.

Well, guess what, it gets more shocking.

Modified Honda CRX HF Wins Fuel Economy Competition with 118 MPG!

 And look what he did it with.  A regular CRX beater, some masking tape and some aluminum banding!!

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