Blast from the Past: I Still Can't Fight It

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Today I’d say my love for coffee is stronger than it’s ever been.  Even on days when I don’t need or want any stimulants, I still love coffee. Now that Lola Cafe is literally a three minute walk from my living room, I’m sure this is a love affair that will continue until one of us can’t stand the other one.  Even then, it will probably be coffee that breaks up with ME.

P.S.:  I still want this on a T-Shirt. Or a headband, karate-kid style.

From 8/28/08

One day, decades from now, I imagine I’ll be sitting around, telling stories to my grandkids about how we all used to queue up in lines in this little storefronts to by 20 ounces of caffeine and sugar and cream for $7 a pop. The kid will think these tales are outlandish because by then caffeine will be illegal and Starbucks will be thought of as a millennium version of the crack-house or opium den. I also think by then coke will be legal again and it’ll all make no sense..

2 Comments on “Blast from the Past: I Still Can't Fight It”

  1. 1 Jon Christie said at 8:22 pm on February 8th, 2010:

    I like the logo, did you make it?

    Your closing paragraph is funny, too true!

  2. 2 Ryan G said at 7:21 am on February 9th, 2010:

    sadly I was not creative enough to make this logo, but stumbled across it luckily a while back. thanks for the comment