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From David Bickford’s blog Phx Rail Food, regarding my new favorite coffee shop (and one that’s conveniently just around the corner from me), Lola Coffee

“Lola Downtown suggests a workspace with its tables and stools of metal and wood while Lola Uptown suggests a living room with its couches and mint green stools facing Central Avenue.”

“a workspace for Danielle Librera, the expert baker who produces scones, cakes, cookies, tarts, and other treats for both Lola locations. The nicest aspect of her work is its restrained sweetness. Everything that needs to be sweet is, but not to an overpowering extent.”

I completely agree with both of these statements.  I first went to Lola Uptown on a Saturday while running errands, and while I enjoyed the coffee and the place, I did get a sort of “updated version of Central Perk” vibe.  In comparison, the one on Roosevelt is editted down as much as possible.  Plus, what can you say about clearly (and cleverly) reused furnishings; talk about sustainable! I’ve already spent several hours reading or writing or brain-storming at the new Lola, and can’t wait to go back.

The only thing I think Bickford forgot to mention was how great the light is at the new Lola.  I’ll post some picture soon to prove it.

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