Carfree: Now with less cars

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This weekend began a new chapter in my carfree lifestyle.  Or rather, revisits a chapter I haven’t encountered in a few years.  Running all my errands without borrowing a car or tagging along with someone going to the same place.

Of course, this doesn’t sound like a horribly large event, except that it is currently 2467 degrees Fahrenheit outside and exposure to the sun for more than 35 seconds has been proven to actually melt your face off.

So, with this in mind, I woke up early on Saturday (or rather woke up at more normal time and declined sleeping in) and set out to run a few errands before the Sun knew what I was doing and could exact it’s vengeance on me.

With the help of FourSquare, my trip went a bit like this:

9:30am    -    Iced Latte & Lola
9:45am    -   just miss Light Rail train at Roosevelt/Central Station.
~10:00am    -    board Light Rail, latte already drained
~10:15am     -   get off at Central/Camelback Station, get haircut at Central Barbers
11:00am     -    Grocery Shopping at AJ’s
11:45am    -    just miss Light Rail train at Central/Camelback Station
12:30pm    -   arrive home, staved off further melting
1:30pm    -    walk to Verde for a breakfast burrito

So, it’s not much, but I did manage to secure breakfast, lunch, a haircut & groceries using only mass transit or walking.

As much as I gripe about some of the poor planning around town, I do say I always appreciate the small business owner’s ability to pop up shop exactly where I need them.

I imagine the next step will be to buy a bike (and a pretty good lock) for bigger trips to the store, and hopefully to intersperse along with my rail commute to work.

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