Cinco De Link Pack!

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The cross-section of what I find amazing, interesting, absurdly funny or just plain discussion-worthy this week.

Ed note: I haven’t really done link packs on this blog before, but I figured instead of giving you a series of short posts, why not combine them all into something easy to navigate, or easy to skip if you’re in a rush to get back to my usual posts about comic books, dogs, menswear and marketing. (list accidentally alphabetic)

Gadzooks enchiladas in Midtown CenPho

Gadzooks enchiladas are legit

1.) Starting off on a local note, it is Cinco de Mayo weekend here in the Southwest.  If you’re looking to avoid the crowds at the typically places, I recommend starting your festivities off at Gadzooks, the new enchilada hot-spot in midtown. (Normally I wouldn’t link to Yelp, but Gadzooks’ site is still a little raw and I couldn’t find a Google places listing for them.)

2.) Content Strategy guru Kristina Halverson did an AMA (ask me anything) over on this week.  You may have noticed that I’ve had her book on my “currently reading” widget since the fall, because everytime I start to read it, I get a new idea and want to act on it before I do anything else.

3.) Problogger is one of those sites I keep in my rss subscriptions, but rarely appreciate because of some of the poorly examined SEO advice they’ve given to bloggers in the past.  This week, however, Darren posted a pair of updates that aggregated tips from some of my favorites (such as Rand Fishkin, Tina Roth & Neil Patel) on their daily writing routine.

True story, I borrowed tips from both of the above posts when I started writing today. I decided that I would only allot two hours to writing today, and whatever I finished during that timeframe was either going to be good enough to publish or not.

4.) Days App Launch.  I’m curious to see how this one plays out.  When Path first debuted, I was a big fan and tried to get some of my more visual friends onboard with that app.  As we know in the end Path turned out to be a monument to Path; it was a great app that was better at showing off how good the app was than at replacing all the sources that fed it. I have an inkling that Days may end up being the same if the “instagram with gifs” angle doesn’t take off.

5.) Katie Couric, do you even know how lost you are? I actually really used to like Katie on the Today Show, but this week’s scare-mongering against video games is just shameful for someone who used to be an actual journalist.  Welcome to your Maury moment, I guess, Katie. I’m glad Kotaku put some weight behind the response.

6.) Korean SNL.  I didn’t even know this existed, but man did it tank my between-meetings productivity Friday afternoon. Of course, put Hyuna in front of a camera and I’d be hard-pressed not to watch, but that’s besides the point.  I shared this with a few of the teammates at work, and the first response was “man, why is this so entertaining”. Kudos Korean for doing what Japan tried for years, giving us highly engaging comedy in a language we don’t even speak but will watch anyways.  Not since Telemundo have I been so enthralled.

7.) Free Comic Book Day.  Go, get out there.  Support your local shop.  These places are great community resources and as much as I love comixology app, we can’t abandon the brick-and-motor that fostered our nerd community all those decades before the internet made us triumphant.

Plus, you know, you do whatever Wolverine tells you to do, right?

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