Dream Home

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I’ve changed my mind.  I know where I want to live now.

(Caveat: I love Phoenix, and I’d only move for a killer job or another great city.)

Recently I mentioned the new Libeskind-designed development in Singapore, and that got me looking into his work more, and in so doing, I found this beauty:

The New York Tower project is a proposal for a residential tower at One Madison Avenue, overlooking Madison Square Park in Manhattan.  The design features a series of spiraling gardens extending the green of Madison Square along the facade of the tower.  The tower is set back from its neighbors – maintaing views and maximizing light and air.

I do love Madison Square Park.  The Flatiron building is right there, so’s Shake Shack.  The Empire State building is easy walking distance away, and the neighborhood is pretty much right between Midtown, the Village and the Financial District.  I think the only neighborhood I liked more was Washington Square Park, and that’s because I’m nostalgic about NYU.

But back to the building above:

The shape and contours of it make it stand out in stark comparison to it’s surroundings, and while some might think it clashes, I love it.

The colors, the integration of greenery, the openness…

I think this building could represent the best of our we strive to be in our time.  With any luck, it could last just as well as the Empire State building does, as a landmark of it’s time and what we wanted to accomplish.

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