Hats off to….

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I was watching the Yankee’s Opening Day game while waiting for the cable guy to come fix my internet, and I heard the following exchange:

(reviewing a graphic of the money teams spent on Free Agents last off-season; the Yankees spent $441 million on three guys)

VP Joe Biden: Joe, you ever see those numbers and just think…?

Joe Morgan: It’s funny, but no, I really don’t. I came up and was able to play against Willie Mays & Mickey Mantle, and that was all I ever wanted as a kid.

Now, I’m not foolish, everyone likes money, but personally, I’m giving a thumbs-up to Joe Morgan.

In other opening day news:
– Not only did Mark Teixeira take Giambi’s job & position, he took his number, too. Ouch
– Speaking of Big Tex, first time I saw him at bat today, he hit a foul ball line-drive down the first base line and it honestly bounced off a kid. All these people waiting to catch a foul ball, and this kid just eats one to the chest? Give me this loser’s tickets, now!
– In Phoenix, two players from the D-Backs hit home-runs from both sides of the plate. That craziness. Know what else is crazy; how I didn’t scam my way into a free ticket to that game.

Btw, fuck you A-Rod.

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