Hello world! Now deal with this!!

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Wow, that sorta got off to a hostile start.  Sorry about that.  Got your attention though, huh?

So, here’s what to expect from Randomly Ryan


Whatever I feel like, sucka!!



Ok, sorry, that one got hostile again.  I really regret that.  I must be more hungry than I thought.

On this new iteration of my blog (previously Random & Awesome), I’m pretty sure I’ll end up posting/talking about the following subjects:

– Movies
– Smack
– Comic Books
– Standard Books
– Flip Books
– Cooking the Books
– Cook Books from which I can rarely cook
– Why does Mario Batali think you should cook entire animals at once??
– Mario Bros, Super
– Super Powers I wish I had
– Standard Powers I have that I wish were made Super
– The GF
– Charts, probably a lot of these
– Graphs, same as above
– Hot Chicks I’ll never meet but will say are “in my five”
– Hot Chicks I did meet and had to turn down because they weren’t in my five
– T-Shirts
– A-Shirts (no, not really, but why are these the only letters followed by “shirt”?)
– Applesauce
– Awesome Street Art
– Deep Thoughts I have when I should probably be doing something more productive

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