How to Ruin a Good Thing

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Brittany Murphy, why do you keep asking me to hate you?

I had such a crush on you in “Clueless”, but what happened since then? A string of crap movies that I got suckered into watching in theaters or renting. I’m pretty sure most of that money went to fund terrorism, too, so thanks for that.

And now you take this picture? Grats on converting “pin-up” into Skankatron 9001 (yes, that’s more than 9000, for your DBZ fans).

But really, I could get the original idea, being a little cheeky, literally. But I have a few questions I can’t get past

1.) Why do you look like the undead?
2.) Why do you know how to ride a rocking horse?
3.) Why the FUCK are you wearing a t-shirt under your bikini top?

Get back to me and we’ll see if we can’t squash this, ok?

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