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This week work has been pretty busy and I haven’t had much time to stop during the day.  This means my usual breakfast/coffee break has been impacted, and clearly this does not make for a productive employee.

So, for the last two mornings in a row I’ve had nebulous plans to get up early and head over to Matt’s Big Breakfast before work.

I say nebulous because even though I had a plan, good ol’ sleep won out.

Today my alarm went off at 6am, I figured I could be out the door by 7, hit Matt’s and catch an 8:15 train to work.

Then my mind conceived that 10 more minutes of sleep wouldn’t be the worst.  After all, I had just hit the snooze button, right?



As it turns out, I had actually turned the whole alarm off.  I realized this when I woke up 75 minutes later, wondering where the hell my delicious breakfast was.

Turns out, dreams are NOT as fulfilling as a great breakfast.  Even when you dream of bacon.

So now, all I’m left with are memories…. and hunger.

Damn you, Sleep! I should be having some of this:

It was so good that this was all that was left by the time the camera snapped.

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