I’m 10 feet tall and Solid Gold and I demand Submission

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It’s Music Monday, and damn, I completely forgot how much I like The Teddybears. These guys are nuts balls and I cant help but make up random funky/bad-ass dance moves when they come on. This has to be the best band Eve has ever secretly been in.

You may not realize that you know songs from this band. I swear one summer their singles were used in damn near every commercial, trailer and promo I’d seen.

This new song, though, called Rocket Scientist is crazy good. In fact, the only thing better than the song in the video below is the mashup hosted on the band’s site that sounds like Rocket Scientist over the best of the Fab Five. Plus other tracks with Cee-Lo, The Flaming Lips, and Iggy Pop. Buy their stuff today.

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