LOL, real-life convo

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Me via Text: Funny blogs today, babe

GF via Text: thanks love

Me via Text: While we’re on the topic, do you think those meatballs are still good?
Me via Text: (3 min later) Are you still there? This is crucial!!

GF via Text: (15 min later) Still here. No, I don’t think they are good anymore. You can smell test and tell (<—– yes, vindication for every dude's techinique)

Me via Telepathy: Yeah, I already went with Plan B (as in Be Prepared, don’t be squared) Me via Tweet: I just commented on your blog, and the captcha it came up with was “the lu”. seriously.

GF via Tweet: that’s because my blog is foreign and fancy.

Me via Tweet: the lu = fancy? also, R&A is not on *****’s blog roll, so feel free to continuing talking about how lame she is. LOL.

GF via uber-discrete text: can you delete your last tweet so I don’t get heat for talking smack 2 days in a row?

Me va text: Whoa, whoa. Censorship!!!!

In the end, I complied, but do you see how I could have already been 1/2 dead from no response on the meatball question?

BTW, this is my 200th blog post. Woot!

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