New Words, New Sites

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You know that saying “friend of a friend”? It usually goes something like this:

Average Person 1: “Soooo….. How’d you meet that sweet catch of your’s?”
Clearly Awesome Person 2: “Oh, friend of a friend.”
Average Person 1: “You’re so lucky! Why can’t I have that happen to me….”

Well, world, I give you a new, equivalent term: “Blog of a Blog”

One of the things I like best about using Blogger is the way you find things that you probably never would have seen otherwise, even with regular use of Yahoo or Google. For example, I was thinking about the sites that I have linked to my blog (the short list of them on the right-hand sidebar), and decided to see what was up with each of those blogs today. Then I thought I’d see what kind of other people they were linking two. Found out today that I am two degrees of separation from the following hilariousness:

Subversive Cross-stitch

OMG this shit is bananas! I’d say I need one of these for my (as-yet-unnamed) home, but it’d be tough to decide, sorta like picking a puppy from the pound and having to leave the rest there….

What Sucks….

I think the name says it all, but the guy’s post about FaceBook was redonk!

So, when you’re proudly displaying your “shut your whore mouth” needle-point artwork in your home, and your friend asks you “where did you ever find something like that”, you can crisply retort, “Oh, Blog of a blog”.

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