Next 10 Places to Visit (non-US)

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Passport stamps are like pokemon, gotta get ’em all.  This week Anie & I were discussing a short list of places she may want to see this year, and in review I thought I should probably assemble a slightly-longer list of places to visit myself.

The list that follows is somewhat Euro-centric. I chalk that up to the natural bias of Western civilization, as well as my penchant for cities over the countryside, and a general proclivity to go places where the language will be only a slight barrier. I also threw together a handy Google map, so I can figure out which places can be conquered in one trip.

List of places I want to visit in my travels.

  1. Dublin
  2. Barcelona
  3. Berlin
  4. Constantinople
  5. Budapest
  6. Jerusalem
  7. Tokyo
  8. Copenhagen  (Yeah, to go to Noma.  Why not?)
  9. Rome
  10. The Shire

The list could go on and on.  I’d actually hit 18 places before I decided to edit it down to prevent dilution.

So why these places?

Dublin because Guiness. Barcelona & Jerusalem because it’s important to know where you come from. Berlin, Istanbul and Budapest because I haven’t been anywhere that far East. Rome for so many reasons, including the ability to do this. Tokyo seems like a place any tech/gaming nerd such as myself should go. Lastly, my Aunt is from New Zealand, and it seems like a waste to not go to Hobbiton while we’re there.

Re-returns: places I’ve been but haven’t got enough of

  1. London
  2. New York
  3. Seattle
  4. Paris
  5. Vancouver
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    Next 10 Places to Visit (non-US)