Opportunity Cost – Geek Edition

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After I published yesterday’s post, I debated going back and editing a few items, but before I could do so, I was struck by inspiration!

The Inspiration

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No, not Jeezy (gotta put my snowman days behind me), a different source of inspiration:


Yep, that’s it.

I have a habit of favoriting tweets with links that I want to read later.  Scrolling through the archives I came across this favorite from last year, and that gave me the idea…

Guys! What if I re-wrote yesterday’s post to be like an RPG?

Genius, I agree.


Gain: + Rested
Loss: – Well-Fed

Gain: Epic Mount added to Inventory
Loss: -5 Stamina

Gain: +42 Charisma (yes, showering is THAT important)
Loss: n/a

Gain: +2 Constitution
Loss: -1 charge on Staff of Absenteeism

Gain: + Clarity Buff
Loss: – 1 Intellect

Gain: Completed Quest: Check-up. (+1,000 xp) Gained New Quest: Do You Even Lose Weight, Bro?
Loss: -1 Trivia Skill

Gain: +2 Well-Fed, + Deliciousness Buff
Loss: -2 Movie Discussion Skill

Gain: Saved 4-10 gold
Loss: -8 Energy, – Deliciousness Buff

Gain: +1 Wisdom
Loss: – 3 Internets  (this one was costly)

Gain: +1 Constitution, Saved 10-20 gold
Loss: – 15xp from random monster encounters

Gain: 5 of 52 Blogging complete
Loss: 1 of 15 Homework complete

Gain: +5 Dexerity (Hand-Eye Coordination Feat)
Loss: – Well-Rested


So there you have it.  Min-Maxing is always a tough task to accomplish, and I’m no George “Theck” Gehring, so I’m sure some of my choices aren’t in line with the top tier of RL raiding (probably should have spec’d carrots instead of tacos for one), but I think I covered the combat table, and I should be leveling up anytime now. Bring on the epics!

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