Other Possibilities

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Warning: This post assumes you have an interest, either genuine or comical, in my appearance. What follows is intentionally conceited. You’re welcome.

In addition to the haircut mentioned in my previous post below, here’s some other ideas I’ve been tossing around.

The Caesar:

The Faux-Hawk (Becks edition, not Hedi Slimane vers):

The Bond:

The Young Republican:

The Don Draper:
or, and this one’s the long-shot here…

The Jew Fro:

And Some Looks I’ll be avoiding at all costs

The Horse-shoe:

The Emo Hobo:

The “I Killed Apollo Creed”:

The “My Parents Don’t Know Yet”:

(look above also known as The “Don’t Accept a Ride from Me, They’ll Never See You Again”)

The “I Lost a Bet”:

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