Random Thoughts, Assembled

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It’s been a fun, stressful, productive, hectic week, so in lieu of writing something longer, more organized and inevitably feeling like I left something out, I’d just


– When people tell me they don’t watch things on YouTube regularly, I stare at them like they just stepped out of the Stone Age.

– There’s a “shortage” on Sriracha and Velveeta now. Trying to make your own version of the Hostess rush? C’mon guys.

– Also, how the hell did Hostess come back but they left the Chocodile behind? Sad days.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con

– Meeting artists and writers is pretty damn awesome.  Got to talk with Wook Jin Clark (Adventure Time), Eric Esquivel (Bravest Warriors) and Mike Vasquez (Cryptozoic), among others.  All the creators I met this weekend were super cool, approachable and keen to engage with fans, which is far better than I anticipated.

– Awesome custom sketch I got from Wook Jin:


– Tumble-Weed Accent backfire: mumbled too much and had to spell my name twice.  And there’s only 4 letters…

– Tons of folks in cosplay at a con I barely heard about less than a week before. By my estimates, about 1 in 3 were there in costume, and the vast majority were doing it well. Are these folks who really knocked it out of the park at Halloween, or did I crazy underestimate how many folks are great at cosplay?

Grammy Questions

– Why did Pharell come out wearing that guy from Curious George’s hat? Did he hire Andre 3000 as his stylist?

– Why didn’t anybody warn Lorde when there was a giant Weeping Angel behind her at the Grammy’s?

– First Jay-Z got us to take the hustle from street-style and class it up, and now he’s becoming a role model for putting family front and center while still being wildly successful.

– Was anyone else kinda hoping we’d get to see a Dave Grohl/Ringo Starr drum-off for Paul’s affections?

– Bolero tie; who knew it would be Bruno Mars to steal your Grandpa’s style actually?

– Quick throwback to that time AniePHX & I went as “Royals” for Halloween. Best Costume by a Duo or Group: check.  Just mail me the statuette:

Tiger on a gold leash, and clearly I’m wearing my King hat. (photo-bombed by @marcmontezphoto)


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