Recent Pics

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A bevy of pictures from the “Hat Party” for your consideration:

The original plan was just a get a beer. Then someone want to take my photo. Then Anie & Megan snuck in…

Car Bombs in Red Cups for the win. I promised not to post the picture of someone (drunkie) spitting it back out.
I posit that this is the greatest action shot ever taken. 1.3 seconds after this frame, Anie knocks Holly’s drink all over herself and create a puddle of Foot-Juice. Don’t worry, this did not deter further table-dancing. Or maybe do worry; who dances in Foot Juice??

This is me trying to have not-slant-eyes. I apologize for my attempt at stubble. I also apologize if staring into my eyes in this picture has hyponotized you.

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