Remember how tough the 80's were?

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Damn, those were some hard times….

– Everyone had to wear itchy cotton sweatshirts to stay warm, because global warming hadn’t been invented yet, even if your shirt said Woody and you didn’t look a thing like that guy from Cheers.
– Hairstyles didn’t clearly indicate if you were Jewish or Italian, probably leading to some honestly mis-placed racism. (“Sorry, I thought you was… well, you know…one of them.. No hard feelings, ok? Say hello to your mutha for me”, etc)
– Taggers didn’t even have spray-paint, kids had to use their dad’s shaving brush with an ink pack jammed on the end
– Truck hats were worn by the poor. Yeah, your mom said it was the same as the ones the Yankees wore on the field, but you always KNEW you were wearing half a hat.
– And Everyone had a friend in their crew who was known for his “wtf frown face”….

Actually, I just lifted this picture from Wooster Collective, my favorite Street Art Website. The image is from the new book Tag Town launching tomorrow.

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