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I saw this quote on Micillo’s blog recently and thought I’d borrow it.

The part that strikes me is where it says “is not self-seeking… keeps no record of wrongs”.  This is clearly something I didn’t have the first time around.  I was programmed to always try to have the advantage, to always be hostile, to be defensive lest I “get played”.  Tic for tac, battles won and lost, and in the end, I wasted 4 years of my life.

If I can do one thing to contribute to my future happiness, it should be to never again worry about tallying wrongs.  If I feel that is something I have to do, I’m better off alone.


I know a lot of people use this quote, and it has become a sort of generic filler for love.

To my mind, however, I remember this quote as the one Marshall Ericson knew he wanted to have read at his wedding. 

I really have no concept of what I’d want at a wedding.  I’ve always imagined it was a day for the bride to be special and celebrated, and then we move on.  Maybe, however, there’s a crack in my cynicism now, and I’d imagine it as a day to exalt in the joy of having found “the one”.  (I guess you can’t literally “na na boo boo” everyone and expect to get gifts for it)

To be continued….

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