Stuff I Said on 2010-08-20

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  • I'm at Roosevelt/Central Ave METRO (1004 N Central Ave, Roosevelt St and Central Ave, Phoenix). #
  • So the first train leaves me on the platform, and the next one is only one car. Hooray transit suck. #
  • Get Your PHX and #Buzzcation on the same night. #
  • Actually debating using the upcoming midnight release of a game as impetus to purchase a bike for commuting. #
  • I can endorse at least 60% of this list. RT @DowntownVoices: Downtown Phoenix dining guide for ASU students: #
  • RT @JennMcPhee: #buzzcation tonight at The District downtown. Beer, Brownies and Buzzzzzcation… You had me at brownies… #
  • Did we send all the prison guards to the border? RT @kspidel: A fifth prisoner escapes today, and still no response from Gov Brewer. #
  • #201 RT @vettieroe: RT @Buzzcation: BREAKING NEWS: there are now 200 RSVP'd buzzcationers! Watch out @DistrictKitchen here we come. #
  • So Clemens testifies and gets indicted. McGuire hides like a coward and is rewarded with a coaching job. Cards are a disgrace. #
  • Also, this guy behind The Rocket looks a LOT like Phil Gordon. #
  • So the lesson kids is that our congress/justice system rewards cowards. Don't lie, just take the 5th and hide. #
  • Btw, take THAT Detroit. Try plunking Jeter again. #
  • Damn, missed the #buzzcation crowd. #
  • Bass ahoy! (@ The Turf Restaurant & Pub) #
  • Dear cocktails, you have ruined my beer tolerance. I will get you back! Sincerely, Ryan. #
  • NFL network is clearly trying to tell me that HD is Toronto is crap quality compared to HD here. Or this game was played in 1984. #
  • Oh shit, I've reached the level of "buzzed" where random singing occurs. #

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