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I love walking through my neighborhood at sundown. These last few weeks I’ve found myself walking home, either from getting dinner, or going to the movies, or just strolling around while listening to music and trying to get some ideas, just as the sun goes down.

The other week I left the movies and walked the few blocks home. Just as the sun ducked behind the buildings, I grabbed a handful and kept it clenched in my fist until I got back to my apartment. Part of me really hoped that when I opened my fist I’d see a flash of light bounce around in the dark.

I’m sure the sunset is a lot prettier because of the smog, but the way the orange and gold light highlights the surfaces to the various buildings, erected in different decades and in different states of dilapidation, gentrification, revitalization, and all so packed with potential, it’s easy to see why I stay here.

Just as cities are always being rebuilt and renewed, so are we. Living in Roosevelt keep renewing my sense of creativity, exploration, curiosity and expression.

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