Movies 2009; or "Yes, another damn list"

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In chronological order

Movies I saw and liked in 2009:
– Watchmen    (yes, that’s right.  I was not until March that I saw a movie that was worth $9)
– I Love You, Man
– Earth
– Ghosts of Girlfriends Past  (dude, I’m telling you, the first 20 minutes is a handbook in life)
– X-Men Origins: Wolverine

– Drag Me to Hell
– The Hangover
– (500) Days of Summer
– GI Joseph   (I went into it expecting fx & action & ninja-fights, and I got what I wanted)
– Julie & Julia    (mostly because of the brownie points it earned me)
– Jennifer’s Body
– Whip It
– Zombieland
– Couples Retreat
– 2012   (same low-expectations as GI Joe)
– It’s Complicated
– Sherlock Holmes

Movies I saw even though I should have known better:
– Underworld 3
– Taken
– He’s Just not that into You
– Adventureland
– X-Men Origins: Wolverine
– The Ugly Truth
– Funny People
– Sorority Row
– Everybody’s Fine    (I maintain that the adverts for this movie lied to people)
– Avatar/Pocahantas

Movies I rented and regretted;

– Fanboys
– The Haunting in Connecticutt
– Obsessed
– I Love you Beth Cooper   (what can I say, I’m a sucker for the cheerleader)
– Blood: The Last Vampire
– The Goods

Movies I watched because they were the only on while on a plane:
-Paul Blart

So that comes out to 17 wins, 10 losses.  If I was playing in the NFC, that’d be good enough for a first-round bye.  All together, not bad, I suppose, but I went to the movies a lot less than I did in 2007 & 2008, and there are lots of good movies that I never got to see (District 9, 9 by Tim Burton, Moon, Boondock Saints 2, Cloudy…).

– See more good movies
– Find more movie-buddies for great films Anie has no interest in watching

Major 2009 Films, all in 7 Min?

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Sure, why not.

(may contain some spoilers).