Start to Finish

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Admission:  I’m sometimes obsessed with tattoos.  My parent’s weren’t a lot of things, but one thing they did do was always support creativity.  Not that they encouraged me to pursue my creativity, and indeed even stopped me from being able to go to NYU for Fine Art, but that’s another story… Anyways, since I was a kid, I was surrounded by tattoos, and while I have none myself, everyone else in my family does, and I think some are pretty cool.  As such, one of the blogs I repeatedly check out for inspiration is fuckyeahtattoos.  My most recent visit featured a lot of people with clocks or dates on their shoulders or collars.  This got me to thinking…

Idea:  What if we were born knowing the time we would perish, but not the date?  Could you imagine checking the clock, waiting for 10:17am every day and being thankful that today was not the day?  How much would you change your schedule to try to be somewhere safe, somewhere loved, etc?

One of my favorite odd-indie movies is “Happy Accidents”, where the protagonist knows the date and time his girlfriend will have an accident, and he tries to prevent it without making her think he’s gone completely off the deep-end.  Pretty good film overall, but also quite amazing to think about what we’d do for each other.

In fact, while pondering this concept of “what if I knew the minute of my death” and writing this last paragraph, I just realized that better/worse than knowing my own time would be knowing her time.  At my age, mortality is an extremely distant thought, and we conceive that by the time we’re snuffed out, we’ll be old and will see it coming from miles off…

Still, I’d be damn sure to talk to her every day just before that minute came.