Happy @AnnCurry Day to you, too!

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The day has finally come, and I know we all feel like celebrating. We now get even more Ann Curry every morning on the Today Show!

Whoop whoop!

[Video Removed due to annoying auto-play commercial service]

Of course, I know we all have our own personal reasons for loving America’s favorite newscaster, and mine haven’t changed since the last time I wrote out it.

Have I told you how much I love my mornings with Ann Curry?

I’m pretty sure she is the reason why HDTV was invented.

Point of Fact: She’s got a steady spot in my Nerd Five. (Yes, a list of 5 beautiful women than the nerd in my cannot resist.)

Despite what The Soup says, “In the news this morning everybody” are my second favorite words to wake up to.