Blogs I liked

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Today, while waiting for the server to come back online, I took some time to catch up a little bit on my blog reading, and thought I’d point out a couple that I especially liked.

“Density = Energy” from What Tyler Says, a good piece about the benefits of ideological conflict and how we should learn to work together and make a better product because of it, instead of being the kid that goes home and takes his ball with him.

“How to Have Tourette’s Part 22” from World’s Strongest Librarian, another incredibly inspirational post.  And can you ever really go wrong when following the teachings of the World’s Strongest Librarian?  I’m not the World’s Strongest anything, so I just try to learn.

Quote from a Blog I Read

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Got this one from World’s Strongest Librarian, one of my new favorite blogs:

If someone can write down your job description, they can find someone to do your job cheaper. There’s no job description that describes being yourself.

This one rang true to me because I was recently asked to describe what my day job is, and realized that, all arrogance aside, any attempt to relate what I “do” in terms that are easily digested would only result in cheapening the truth about what I accomplish each day.

I also recently had to post-pone ordering my calling cards from a fantastic designer because I couldn’t decide what I wanted them to say.  So far all I’ve come up with is “Creative”.