About Time HIMYM

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Before I’m proven wrong later tonight in what I suspect to be the “we’ll bring her back just to send her away for good” episode, I have to say, isn’t is great to have Victoria back on the show? She was always my bet as the long-shot in this series, and I still hold strong on the possibility for a re-return. Plus, if Rachel Bilson’s out, at least Ashley William’s isn’t too hard on the eyes, eh?

Holy shit, fall is almost here

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I’m not prepared.

I need more suits.

Collared shirts work fine in 185 degree weather, but c’mon, Fall is almost here.

How am I supposed to look good in London without some bespoke suits.

Shit, I’m behind.

On a brighter note, HIMYM is about to start airing again. Hooray.


(Monday) morning affirmation

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I know HIMYM has ended for the season, but that’s no reason to stop being awesome.

HIMYM Fandom

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If you don’t already know that I think “How I Met Your Mother” is the greatest show on the air, it probably means one of four things is true:

1.)  You just started reading my blog, hopefully after being linked here from another wonderful blog
2.)  You don’t own a TV, so anytime I talk about TV, you just skip through to the next entry
3.)  You hate awesomeness, so anytime I talk about HIMYM you punch yourself until you lose consciousness and your flailing arm navigates you away from the page
4.)  You live in Canada and won’t see the show until a few year from now (After all, Robin said the 80’s didn’t happen in Canada until 1993)

That said, one of my favorite HIMYM fan-blogs is “Be Awesome Instead”.  This guy has such total devotion that he tracks down and hosts every song ever played during the show (not so tough with cell phones that will tell you want the song is just by hearing a same, but a sign of dedication nonetheless).

Reading the most recent entries on BAI, I came across this little ditty, and I have to say, I was immediately laughing, and excited to post the video here (and a bit thirsty after hearing all the bar references).

Without further ado, here’s “A Daughter’s Lament”, the tale of Ted Moseby’s daughter:

Mustache Pete Drexel

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Behold, the only man to pitch a Perfect Game and a Perfect Week.

Additionally, this image incorporates four things I think are awesome:
– Baseball
– Pin-stripes

(thanks to Be Awesome Instead)

Hope it's not the end for HIMYM in disguise

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From The Hollywood Reporter:

Just two weeks after “How I Met Your Mother” hit its 100th episode, series creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas have inked a rich new deal with the show’s producer 20th Century Fox TV and are taking out a new comedy project, their first since “HIMYM.”

Under the duo’s new three-year pact, which begins in June, Bays and Thomas will continue to run “HIMYM” while also developing new projects.

Set in Pittsburgh, the hybrid multicamera romantic comedy revolves around a young couple and their friends.

” ‘HIMYM’ is about people in their late 20s and early 30s going through that second wave of growing up, and the ups and downs and the humor of that,” Thomas said. “This is a logical extension.”

Added Bays, “The new show is similar tonally to ‘HIMYM’ and investigates the next chapter, the next stage of adulthood.”

The project is certain to spark interest when it hits the marketplace this week. But even if it takes off, Bays and Thomas vowed they will never abandon “HIMYM.”

After a slow start, “HIMYM,” which was based on the duo’s personal experiences, has grown in into a bona fide hit for CBS as well as 20th TV, which has netted rich syndication deals for the show.

Also, it’s clear now why I liked HIMYM from the start (besides Doogie):

Bays and Thomas landed at 20th some eight years ago when the twentysomething writers headed to Hollywood after a five-year stint on “Late Show With David Letterman.”

HIMYM Cracked?

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The other day I was searching for any listing of music mentioned during How I Met Your Mother in an attempt to see if a sensible playlist could be made (am I a ridiculous fan of this show yet??), and stumbled across this blog from You Got Red on You:

Season 3 seems like the year when it’s all coming together for Ted. We are introduced to the yellow umbrella, which supposedly used to belong to the girl that Ted will eventually marry. Mid-season we also learn that Ted’s future wife was at the same St Patrick’s Day party that Ted attended, even though the two never met at this party. On the day following the party, Ted returns to the club looking for his lost cellphone, and leaves with an abandoned yellow umbrella, to shield himself from a sudden shower of rain. In the next episode we meet the supposed owner of this umbrella: Stella, who was at the party in question, who Ted tries to woo from the moment they meet, who Ted proposes to at the end of season 3, who accepts his proposal and who Ted is set to marry in season 4. With one little snag, of course: Stella leaves Ted at the altar, moving in with the father of her daughter instead. Oops.
But wait a second! The yellow umbrella is never mentioned while Ted and Stella are dating. And let’s face it, Stella and Ted’s kids don’t exactly look alike.
So, what’s with all these potentially misleading hints (and I’m not even including “The Goat” in all of this)? Who was the owner of the yellow umbrella, the future wife that Ted supposedly never bumped into at the St Patricks party? Going by previous story arcs, the writers most certainly did more than simply plant misleading seeds. Which makes it all the more interesting that, for no reason at all, Ted actually does bump into somebody at the party: a girl who certainly looks like she is related to Ted’s kids. They exchange a quick “Excuse me” – “No problem”, and also share a quick but meaningful look. That look:
how we met their mother 544x306 How We Met Their Mother
Okay, so it’s just a freeze frame in DVD quality. But I’m having fun here, and TV time is too precious to ever be wasted on unimportant scenes!  I have no idea if the writers really were thinking this far in advance, let alone would cast a part as important as this one way ahead of time. But HIMYM has proven to be very well planned out, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they did (Ted is drunk in this scene, too, which can be used to explain away a few discrepancies later).

 So, hmmmm.

I am still of the camp that Victoria, who made the cake at Lily & Marshall’s wedding will be “the one”.  It would make sense.  Maybe she came back from Germany and has been hiding from Ted.  I mean, if the mother is better than Rachel Bilson, and can’t be Robin, Lily or Winnie Cooper, than I’m not sure who’s left by the cupcake gal. 

Then again, maybe I’m just hoping it ends that way because I love cupcakes.  Maybe the dude above is right.  If so, this would have to be the most awesome rare-glimpse lead-in ever. 

Or maybe it ends that Ted and the mother never married, and/or Ted & Barney took their bro-love to another level.  Who knows.

Hopefully tonight gives some insight.

Weird Conversation from this Morning

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On the way into work/my place this morning, Anie & I were discussing Monday’s episode of HIMYM (which was awesome, BTW.  You should check it out if you haven’t already), and right away, the first topic Anie wanted to bring up was this quote:

“Which would mean … I didn’t get super wasted and throw up all over myself. Oh wait, I did both of those things! Soo … face.”   — Ted Moseby

Now, I love my girlfriend’s unorthodox sense of humor, but some people would be caught off-guard by vomit related conversations at 8am.  Nope, not us.  That baby kept right on rolling, and ended somewhere along the lines of “well Ted might not be, but I’m vomit free since ’03”.

Just kidding, but not really, because I am.

P.S.:  Anyone else feeling that Alyson Hannigan-Denisof is now the hottest woman on that show?  Sorry Robin, and yes, even Rachel Bilson.  You are no @alydenisof.

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Sagat & Stamos on the radio this morning. So funny they almost redeemed kiss fm's usual drivel.