If i died tomorrow

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If today’s post is mushy, or not at all what you’d expect to read from me, I won’t feel bad if you navigate away.  In truth this is mostly a list and a reminder for myself.  Years from now I’ll check back on this post and hopefully will not have the same items unchecked.

I’ve got a lot of goals, and a handful for responsibilities, and none of us can accomplish all the things we wish we could do. (Damn you, Scarcity!). This means that inevitably some things get put off for “tomorrow” and sometimes that tomorrow never happens.  Then sometimes you’re minding your own business when “Lack of Color” comes on, and you start getting introspective.

(ed note: originally started this post in Feb 2010, just never pushed publish til now)

What would I do:

If I only had 1 day to live:
– skip work (duh)
– wake up next to Anie, let her sleep a bit longer while I laid there
– go out for breakfast and coffee
– take Anie shopping, buy her whatever she wants (she never actually lets me do this, so it’d be a novel idea)
– go see my favorite parts of the city
– eat lunch in the park
– take my time enjoying everything
– call my Grandma (wait too long for this one :/ )
– go out for drinks with my brother and friends
– tip waaay too much

If I only had 1 week to live:
– go to New York, see a Yankees game, stand in front of the statue of Babe Ruth
– take Anie to the beach
– call my mom
– go to Vegas, bet everything on roulette and give the winnings away

If I only had 1 year to live:
– teach Eggs everything I know
– get in shape
– travel everywhere I’ve wanted to go
– get married tomorrow
– learn the guitar
– write a book

Why not do these things tomorrow instead?