Rediscovering old favorites

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First, a mea culpa: I am very unproductive when I get stressed.

This is weird to me because I used to thrive on stress. Give me an opportunity where someone else will crack and I will not only survive but I’ll succeed and get better. At work I used to love stressful deadlines or big projects because I felt like I had an advantage over other people who would inevitably crumble. In sports I always wanted to be the one figuring out how to score the game winner.

It’s not that I don’t want to do those things now, it’s just I get damn tired of putting up with everyone else crumbling or holing up. Perhaps I’m older and the precocious petulance of a child who doesn’t know better has evaporated and I’m left with the logical questions of “why should I keep doing the tough job if these others folks are still going to reap the rewards”.

Then again, this is the time of year when I get rather melancholy and anti-social on the whole.

And that’s the mood I was in this morning when I realized that I had the weekend “off” but still had a number of side-projects to work on. Namely, a guest post that’s a week overdue and a weekly column that I need to catch-up on as I’ve missed deadline yet again. Plus spring cleaning wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So, instead of doing any of that, I ended up checking out and buying new music on iTunes, and that’s how I rediscovered this song. I cannot believe I’d entirely forgotten about this, but as soon as that clapping drum-beat entered my ear, I was transformed.

Enjoy the song, I’ve got work to do.