I finally found a downside to living in CenPho

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24-hour brightness will obscure and virtually eliminate my ability to check out the on-coming Perseid Meteor Shower.

True, Astronomy is usually not within my spectrum of nerdhood, but laying out in the cool early morning air and watching some fireballs race across the sky sounds pretty awesome.

One of the strongest and most reliable of the major annual meteor showers returns Thursday night and early Friday, when dark skies may reveal 60 to 70 Perseid meteors an hour.

The best time for viewing in Arizona will likely be 2 a.m. to 5 a.m. Friday, said Alan MacRobert, a senior editor at Sky & Telescope magazine. Observers may spot a few early arrivals on Wednesday and some stragglers on Friday night.

The key to viewing: darkness. Light pollution washes out faint meteors, so observers in urban backyards may see just a dozen or so an hour.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/thingstodo/events/articles/2010/08/11/20100811perseid-meteor-shower-returns-phoenix.html#ixzz0wK5bV2ta

If only I knew a really dark place to go to see these.

Image courtesy of azcentral.com. Click here for full story:

Wicked Fresh Gandalf

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“Because it’s my Birthday and I can post whatever I want”

Admission, I’m a nerd, but you all love me for it.
Additional admission, I dig cover versions and I’m not sure why.

Put those two hands together and this is what you get.

Gandalf covers the theme from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air:

found via tip from @Agent_M & FilmDrunk

Nerd-Cool: 8-Bit Dr. Horrible FTW

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It’s been posted nearly everywhere on the web already, so why not here, too.  Feast your eyes on the genius that is the 8-Bit version of Dr. Horrible: Act 1.

(Of course, you’ve already seen the original Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-Long Blog, right?)

This is just what we needed to celebrate the official announcement that Dr. Horrible 2 is coming soon.  NPH + Whedon FTW.

HIMYM Fandom

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If you don’t already know that I think “How I Met Your Mother” is the greatest show on the air, it probably means one of four things is true:

1.)  You just started reading my blog, hopefully after being linked here from another wonderful blog
2.)  You don’t own a TV, so anytime I talk about TV, you just skip through to the next entry
3.)  You hate awesomeness, so anytime I talk about HIMYM you punch yourself until you lose consciousness and your flailing arm navigates you away from the page
4.)  You live in Canada and won’t see the show until a few year from now (After all, Robin said the 80’s didn’t happen in Canada until 1993)

That said, one of my favorite HIMYM fan-blogs is “Be Awesome Instead”.  This guy has such total devotion that he tracks down and hosts every song ever played during the show (not so tough with cell phones that will tell you want the song is just by hearing a same, but a sign of dedication nonetheless).

Reading the most recent entries on BAI, I came across this little ditty, and I have to say, I was immediately laughing, and excited to post the video here (and a bit thirsty after hearing all the bar references).

Without further ado, here’s “A Daughter’s Lament”, the tale of Ted Moseby’s daughter:

Greatest Job Posting: ThinkGeek.

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As Advertised by ThinkGeek earlier today:

ThinkGeek is looking for an eCommerce Analyst to join us on the bridge. Ideal candidates will possess a positronic brain with a type R phase discriminating amplifier, an advanced degree from the Vulcan Science Academy, or a favorable combination of the experience and/or qualifications below:

The rest of the post is typically precise and formal, but I thought it was great that a company could lead with a light-hearted intro like that.  Good job ThinkGeek.

Nerd-Cool Imperialism's Decline: A Chart

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Aside from the asexual-reproduction aspect, this visualization is pretty cool.

Nerd-Cool: We Love to Learn Everything about Everything We Love.

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Yes, I meant what I said.  Go back and re-read that title.

When a nerd digs something, we really dig it (sometimes literally; those nerds are called archeologists).  If we’re into something, we’re going to find out everything we can learn about it.

We do this for two reasons:
1.)  Because we think that our expertise is directly tied to our devotion, and that everyone will know we are the tops at something because we know every obscure fact about it
2.)  Because we want to be the best at whatever it is. 

Think about it.  Star Wars nerds really love them some Jedi.  They forgive George Lucas for making Jar-Jar Binks, they think Episode 3 wasn’t a complete waste of time, and they can do a very impressive Admiral Akbar impression (It’s a trap!).  They love Jedi so much that they prolly even listen to Jedi Mind Tricks and think Vinnie Paz is the best MC ever.

Even undercover-nerds follow this line.  Think about the jock-nerd who plays Madden til his thumbs blister up.  Those guys know the rosters and each team’s weaknesses within days of the game being released.  I once played a game of Madden against a dude who’d set-up his entire roster just to be unstoppable at kick returns.  No, not just his kick returner, his entire roster.  When you know how well lineman block, you’ve put some serious dedication into this.   Don’t even get me started on PC Game nerds.  The amount of nerd-rage generated when one PC Game nerd gets out nerded is palable.  Nerd-rage like that could lead scientist to discover affordable fusion-reactors and power the hadron-colliders non-stop.

Nerd-Cool: Flow Charts

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Tell me this isn’t a wickedly cool use of organizational planning.

How have I never found this before

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Just got done watching Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog, and this is awesome

1.) NPH
2.) the uber-cute Felicia Day (in a nerdy way, like Zooey Deschanel)
3.) Freeze Rays
4.) made by Joss Whedon (of Buffy/Angel/Firefly/X-Men/Dollhouse fame)

I recommend checking it out right away. A solid 43 minutes of sweet!