Happy @AnnCurry Day to you, too!

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The day has finally come, and I know we all feel like celebrating. We now get even more Ann Curry every morning on the Today Show!

Whoop whoop!

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Of course, I know we all have our own personal reasons for loving America’s favorite newscaster, and mine haven’t changed since the last time I wrote out it.

Have I told you how much I love my mornings with Ann Curry?

I’m pretty sure she is the reason why HDTV was invented.

Point of Fact: She’s got a steady spot in my Nerd Five. (Yes, a list of 5 beautiful women than the nerd in my cannot resist.)

Despite what The Soup says, “In the news this morning everybody” are my second favorite words to wake up to.


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If you don’t know how I feel about Tina Fey already, you must not read often enough.

Still haven’t watched last nights episode of SNL, but this promo still won it’s spot as my new wallpaper.

Tina Fey SNL

Nerd-Crush: Now Less Nerdy?

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Have you seen Tina Fey on the cover of Esquire?  If not, go buy it now?

My love for intelligent women has long been documented, and this particular nerd-crush as well, so I won’t elaborate.

As it is, 30 Rock is one of the few shows I watch regularly, and I’m pretty sure I’ll try to con the GF into seeing “Date Night” this month.

So I’ll just wrap this up with a quote from the Esquire article:

“What I’ve come to realize is that when people say, ‘The thinking man’s whatever’ — there’s no such thing. The thinking man also wants to fuck Megan Fox.”

(unless Helen Mirren is on the table)

(This is Day 13 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge, be sure to check out the other participants at #30DayBC)

Five Things: Random Topics Still Bounching Around in My Head

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1.)  Eating better.  True, I always have a great time at the Phoenix Public Market, and have been reading the “Abs Power Diet” book from Men’s Health (can the title be any more “buns of steel”-esque?) but now it’s up to me to put this into practice.  On nights when Anie’s around, it’s pretty easy, since she does a great job motivating me to cook usually.  The challenge will be the nights when I get home from the office late and really just want a sandwich on the way home.   Add to all this the part about me & Anie watching “Food INC” last week and now feeling guilty about eating factory-meats and such. 

2.)  Calling Cards (or personal business cards).  Yes, I’ve been thinking about this since Nov 2008 and still haven’t taken action, but hopefully now I’ve found a good source (both in performance and business ethics), and can meet with my resident branding specialist to get something accomplished.

3.)  Writing.   I like to pretend that I’m a pretty decent writer and that the only thing holding me back is my lack of ambition and/or resources.  I say “like to pretend” to make it sound like less of an embarassing admission of truth.  Sorta like “oh, Jake just likes to pretend like he’s Superman and jumps off of things pretending they’re really high”, as opposed to “poor Jake, he actually thinks he’s Superman.  That body-cast has to be itchy”.  See the difference?  In truth, if I could write fulltime, be it for a magazine, blog, my own novels, random people on the street, whatever, I’d be pretty happy doing it.  I don’t know that I could enjoy the solitary hours of a writer, but I suppose there’s always Twitter for that.

4.)  My nerd-crush on Tina Fey.  Yup, that one’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

5.)  Leading by example.   This one is pretty tough to illustrate for you here, (or for myself, for that matter), but more than anything I’ve been kicking myself these last 2-3 months thinking “I really need to start leading by example”, both at work and at home.  It’s time to get up off my duff and really make things happen.