Divergent Interests

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Call it ironic

Call it lack of focus

But as it turns out, while I’ve been admittedly derelict in my maintenance of the Awesome on this site, I have actually volunteered to guest blog on a friend’s gaming blog this week.

In a five-part series none-the-less.

I’m really not sure how I will turn out, so I won’t link it here, but I did think it was worth exploring what’s going on in a way that did not amount the “sorry I haven’t blogged lately” post that’s so proliferate.

I’ve worked 13 of the last 14 days and was a ball of rage and frustration and energy and ideas and stress for at least 10.9 of those 13 days.  The best way I can summarize this week at work is “Balls”.

Yep, balls.

It’s an adjective now.  Deal with it.  Embrace it.  Help it spread it’s wings and soar.

Or crash awkwardly into the bin next to my desk.

Either way, stress levels have been high, and I actually didn’t turn on my tv this week until Friday morning.  Other days I skipped dinner, was late to social commitments, and drank at least triple my usual amount of coffee.

(Hooray for that last part)

So when I saw everyday that I had not updated my blog, it began to represent a duty that I wasn’t handling well.  It is not at all that writing in my blog isn’t fun or therapeutic or slipping on my priorities list.  It was just that I allowed my writing, any writing, to turn into an obligation, and in a week filled with obligations over-run and not met, this just joined the heap.

Then in the midst of it all, @loganwm suggested we do a podcast.  Talk about a new challenge and a way to reinvigorate my creative juices!!

To be clear, I have really no idea what goes into making a podcast.  I’m sure I’m about to offend quite a few people when I say that it sounds like a couple folks, usually dudes, sitting around, drinking beer, talking about the news or sports or video games or boobs, or all of the above, and that REALLY sounds fun.

So this week I started researching by listening to other podcasts and reading up on the logistical side as much as I could with about 3% energy left after a day at work.  However, this was enough to get me thinking about some ideas to develop for the show, and also about community.

Then I remembered that I have a pal who writes a blog about gaming and figured I’d hit him up with a few ideas and maybe see if he wanted to have a piece on file to put up as a guest post the next time he goes on vacation, gets sick, hung-over, new episode of The Simpsons is on, whatever.  Turns out, his reaction was better than expected, and as I sit here and write this, I currently owe him five posts to put up starting Monday.

Oh yeah, and I’m working on moving my blog to my own hosted site.  (“Hooray!” / “It’s about time” / “Way to be behind, noob!”)

But I had to put this up first.  I still have my priorities.  Have a great weekend.