Funny Hippo is Funny

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Just to brighten up your day, here’s a dude getting photo-bombed by a hippo.


Happy Monday Morning

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Here’s a quick pic to start off the week, and it’s even starring two of my favorite things:

1.) Penguins
2.) Photo-bombing.


Michael Cera is co-opting my favorite pasttime

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Photo-bombing is one of the few things I may actually like more than video games, movies, comic books and baseball.  Well, no, probably not more than baseball, but all those other things are fair play.  Anyways, photo bombing is when you sneak into the background of someone else’s picture.  Sometimes it’s with the intent to ruin their picture, sometimes you just want to be funny, and sometimes it’s with the intent of making their picture FULL OF AWESOME!!

Today I learned that Michael Cera (yes, Mr. Juno himself) is a king photo-bomber, as evidenced below.

Yes, there is a 99% chance these photos are fake, but I DO need someone to compete against in the Photo-bombing Olympics, damn you!

Mas Photos

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I guess the last post got full, the damn interweb wouldn’t let me add anymore photos.

So, now, ready for some random snap-shots?

I don’t know what vibe Crystal was selling, but Anie wasn’t having it and I was laughing my ass off.

Excuse Me… I just wanted to say, the back of your head is ridic’ilous!

This is a fucking good combo. Why didn’t I think of this?!?

Oddly, prolly the best pic of my Yankee-Doodle hat and Nicole’s the one wearing it.

Contrary to popular belief, I did not come up with the song that goes with the hat.

Holly must have forgotten that I’d be needing those intact later…

This picture is great on many levels.

See me there? I play some great background. I think Crystal saw this and tried to line her face up with mine. Very Hitchcock-like.

As the pictures show, great times were had by all. GG on the great party.

And the Winner is…..

Recent Pics

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A bevy of pictures from the “Hat Party” for your consideration:

The original plan was just a get a beer. Then someone want to take my photo. Then Anie & Megan snuck in…

Car Bombs in Red Cups for the win. I promised not to post the picture of someone (drunkie) spitting it back out.
I posit that this is the greatest action shot ever taken. 1.3 seconds after this frame, Anie knocks Holly’s drink all over herself and create a puddle of Foot-Juice. Don’t worry, this did not deter further table-dancing. Or maybe do worry; who dances in Foot Juice??

This is me trying to have not-slant-eyes. I apologize for my attempt at stubble. I also apologize if staring into my eyes in this picture has hyponotized you.