One Solution to the BP #oilspill

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via Wooster Collective, art by Priest:

Friday Flip-Up Day?

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Do you remember “Friday Flip-Up Day”?  In grade school that was all the rage.  See a skirt, well, flip that sucker up.  Oh ho ho, you’re wearing chonies that say Tuesday and it’s Friday.  Ha ha, weirdo.

Looking back, it was a rather inappropriate game, but I suppose the saying “times were different” applies there.  Also, I really don’t know why girls wore skirts on Fridays unless they wanted to be chased.

Anyways, I thought of it when I saw this picture.  This priest may be using Jedi powers to ruffle her skirt. (You can tell because his hand is on his head, just like Professor X does) I’d be careful.