Fresh Out of Tajikistan

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New stuff from Specter Dusambe, via

The change in texture is amazing to me. I can’t take my eyes off of it.

The Poetry of Small Things

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Amazing short video about street artist C215. I’ve seen his work before somewhere, though that the time I thought it was C-25. Regardless, now I need to go through my vacation photos and see where I spotted this.

Although, as a fan, I may disagree with his protestation against large works, I do enjoy the concept of street art as an easter egg. Much like the time I checked down random alleys in Paris and found some great art left up.

Video by Jerome de Gerlache Enjoy

C215 / Street Artist from Jerome de Gerlache on Vimeo.

Sweet new Banksy pieces

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Edit: originally written in June but never clicked “post”. Also, the Banksy movie was great, but since our valley movie giants only have one theatre that would play it, we didn’t get a tour event like the ones below.

In Detroit & Boston.

Can’t wait til his movie comes to Phoenix.

I’d be super-cheesing if I saw a Banksy piece on Roosevelt.

(all pics via Wooster Collective)

New Banksy

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I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention this great new Banksy spotted last week.

Funny, a UK artist in the UK can make art like this; what have we, the country being affected by the spill, been up to?


Where’s our Art?

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“I want to sleep in a city that never wakes up / and ramble about nostalgia”

Last night was First Friday, an evening when the entire downtown wakes up and celebrates the Arts District.

It’s a great evening with new shows, extended hours, open artists studios, live bands, community, and tons of chatter about what events are going on and where to meet everyone at. First Friday was one of the first events I attended over a decade ago that made me want to move downtown.

….but it only happens once a month.

Where’s the art that confronts us outside our expected, allocated time for it?

Where’s the street art that makes us think, makes us acknowledge the problems we’ve been ignoring?

Phoenix has a lot of great artists, why can I only see them in a gallery? Art is to be shared, ingested and discussed, not hidden in a room and available only during viewing hours.

We’re a great, young city, jam-packed with all the elements of a great melting pot. Let’s start letting it spill over and celebrate our creativity.



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It’s news to nobody that I love street art.

I love it’s overt expression.
I love the fact that it’s out there, where the people are at, and not in someone’s boardroom or upstairs hallway.
I love it’s ability to start dialogue.

Recently someone in town posted an article about the anti-SB 1070 graffiti around my neighborhood, and, of all things, they interviewed an apartment complex property manager as their “source”.

To be clear, I do not believe that tagging = street art, but I also don’t think that Jackson Pollack = any kind of art, and I never think that a commercial property manager is a suitable person to talk to about social protest and discourse.

I want art that engages and I want street art that makes us think everyday about what is going on and why we aren’t trying to fix it.

This piece below, by Vinchen does not disappoint.

Relevant.Phx: A Billboard I wouldn't hate

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A lot of times billboards are sloppy, ill-conceived printed versions of brands shouting at us, conditioning us to believe that society says we need to spend our money on their product.  The worst are when I see a billboard so low that it blocks part of a building from view, thereby adding to the crowded sense of the city and removing most options for great street art.

However, today I stumbled across a blog post by none other than Shepard Fairey, one of my three favorite street artists ever, discussing a social movement very dear to us citizens of Phoenix: SB-1070 (or as I like to call it The “hey, want another reason to hate AZ” Bill)

(For previous blog about Street Art and SB-1070, see here)

Whatever your stance on 1070, anyone who disagrees with the basic Americana of political discourse is a liar or a dullard.  It speaks to our roots as a nation that we want to be represented, we want our voices to be heard, we want government “of the people”.

It is impossible to be more American than to form an opinion and express it loudly, clearly, and concisely.

So you should see why I really liked the idea presented below.

We can’t stop now. We must keep fighting this unjust law that will effectively institutionalize discrimination against the Latino community.  Proceeds from the “We Are Human” print go to immigration reform organizations such as the one below!  Please take a second and support.

Brave New Foundation’s Cuéntame asks:
If you can help us raise $10,000 by Monday, July 26, Cuéntame will purchase a billboard on a populated street in Phoenix showing the law for what it really is. The powerful line for the billboard has already been chosen on Facebook by the members of Cuéntame. Now all we need is your support.  Please help us in our next step to send a giant message to the Arizona government.

Brave New Foundation’s Cuéntame, has made major headlines this week for its video interview with Arizona Police Officer Paul Dobsonspeaking out about draconian Arizona anti-immigration bill, SB1070. Officer Dobson is now under investigation for exercising his first amendment right to speak freely about the real effects of the law:

“I know people will not call the police in case of a real emergency. This law is purely racist and solely focused on Latinos. In my opinion, SB 1070 violates equal protection under the law.” Paul Dobson, Patrol Officer, Arizona

We are making a difference and our voices are being heard by hundreds of thousands of people across the country. Cuéntame’s work with Officer Dobson has been featured in USA Today, Arizona Republic, New York Daily News, FoxNews and more!

I really like this.

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I’m always a fan of both street art and social experiment.  This combines both.  Enjoy.

Monday Morning Affirmation

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Seen on the street of Dublin (via Wooster Collective)

Amazing stuff from Berlin

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