What's in a name?

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Not long ago this blog used to be called “Random & Awesome”, and was merely a collection of things I thought looked cool, and the occasional rant from me.

Then as I got more into “blogging”, or writing in general, I realized that “random” and “awesome” weren’t words that made people want to return, and certainly didn’t encourage someone to check back regularly, or subscribe, because who knew if they’d even like whatever came up next.

Of course, I took me a while to figure out that I should want to attract to me because of what/how I write, not attract them to my writing because of what/who I am.  I was probably confused because once I’m hooked on an author, I like to read everything they’ve written.  I suppose I made the bridge to the author and glossed over the reality that said bridge was built upon an already successful reading experience.

But, I digress….

So, a while back I decided “Random  & Awesome” was not the name I wanted to continue with, but I couldn’t think up anything else.  Thus “This Blog Needs a New Name”.

I really meant for this to only be a place-holder title while I thought up something fresh & catchy & attention-grabbing.  However, that process has taken a lot longer than I’d imagined it would.

So fast-forward to multiple conversations I’ve had over the last few months.  Whenever someone asks me for the name of my blog, so they can look it up, I sort of sheepishly reply “Well, right now it’s called ‘This Blog Needs a New Name'”, and they almost universally reply with “…oh…”.

Obviously that’s not the type of response I like to elicit, but I don’t blame them.  I’ve really been slacking on this title thing.

I think the straw that broke the lazy camel’s back came the other morning when I met some fantastic folks for coffee, and in the midst of giving me great advice about pursuing a career in writing, I was asked what the name of my blog was, and I what I write about.

Well, the “what I write about” was pretty easy to spin, and discuss what I enjoy writing about and what sort of role I thought I could fill.  But there, starting at me, was that damned question “what’s your blog called so I can look it up”.  Damn, I wish I’d thought up a great name right there, on the spot.  Then I could have just logged in from my phone and changed it and it’d all be legit.  But alas, I was not that clever at the time….

So, here I am, on my Sunday morning, drinking coffee, trying to force creativity that even my subconscious mind couldn’t work out of the last few months.

Any help?