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It’s news to nobody that I love street art.

I love it’s overt expression.
I love the fact that it’s out there, where the people are at, and not in someone’s boardroom or upstairs hallway.
I love it’s ability to start dialogue.

Recently someone in town posted an article about the anti-SB 1070 graffiti around my neighborhood, and, of all things, they interviewed an apartment complex property manager as their “source”.

To be clear, I do not believe that tagging = street art, but I also don’t think that Jackson Pollack = any kind of art, and I never think that a commercial property manager is a suitable person to talk to about social protest and discourse.

I want art that engages and I want street art that makes us think everyday about what is going on and why we aren’t trying to fix it.

This piece below, by Vinchen does not disappoint.