The Endorsement: ASU Downtown

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In the first place, the concept of a university in the middle of downtown Phoenix is a genius idea to me. Putting a little slice of college atmosphere into the area between the bustling Arts and Business sectors seems like all-around win.

Plus, it means more hot babes. I mean, why should Tempe get all of them, right?

So, here’ a little story from my week.

On Tuesday, I was driving home from work and started having mad cravings for Tacos. “Fuck Taco Bell” I said to myself, remembering my recent visit when they let me order then said “oh, we’re out of meat”. No, I needed something better. Then it struck me; El Portal! Yes, delicious tacos installed just 2 blocks from my domicile at the base of ASU Downtown. Thank-you higher education.

So I find a parking meter and meander over to El Portal, checking out the college scene en route. I get to the door and already I can taste the awesome carne already. Then I tug on the door. Nothing. Look inside and see two workers sitting there. Tug again; nothing. Great! Now it’s hot out and I’m being taunted with tacos I can’t have!!! Que mala suerte!!

It was clear that this was now time for plan b. I looked to my right and saw a godsend; Sbarro’s. Holy marinara-beats-guacamole. So, while it’s not tacos, I figure a slice of pie can’t be a bad consolation prize. Then, while waiting for my slice to be warmed up, in walk some girls fresh from some sort of dance class at ASU Downtown. I knew this because they were replete with maroon and gold shorts with “ASU” neatly printed on their booties. Oh my!

So, in the end, thank-you ASU Downtown for providing dinner and a view.

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