Things I’m Digging: June 2014

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A collection of things I’ve found cool enough to share.

1.) If I wouldn’t get seriously frowned at by the GF this Snorlax Bed:

2.) Streaming ESPN radio: about time American media made it easy for us to consume online while at work. Surprised FIFA didn’t try to sell an MLB.TV type package here.

3.) How to Survive NYC GIFs

4.) Google Street Art – Best use of Street View ever.

5.) Chromecast: Being a cord-cutter has never been so easy and enjoyable. Using my phone, iPad or laptop beats using another device remove like the Roku required. Plus, YouTube on TV!

6.) TellTale Games The Walking Dead on iPad. Best “I’ll just play until I fall asleep” game this year. Also, zombie before bed = win.

7.) Getting the Plastic out of the Ocean: <— You can help on this one. Check it out.

8.) Intermarche markets “ugly fruit” to huge success and betterment of all

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