Tweet 140: Bicycling Safety

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Ed note: I’d conceived of a series sometime last year (or was it the year before) where I’d use this blog to elaborate on things I mentioned on Twitter.  To keep it thematic and differentiate it from a typical article, I’ll aim to keep the final copy under 140 words (not counting this part).  Hope you enjoy the quick read. 

High-five drivers for managing not to murder anyone? Seems a bit “millennial” for me to congratulate folks on what they are supposed to be doing anyways, no? Thing is, given the number of times I have to swerve to avoid negligent or distracted drivers during my short bike commute in Phoenix, I can only imagine what it would be like if we had the critical mass of cyclists that Portland does.

Q: What’s the biggest danger?
A: Right-hand turns

I get it, we all tend to be in a hurry, and that brake pedal is located in a really inconvenient place.  So sometimes, rolling out halfway around the corner before you stop and look at on-coming traffic is just a thing that happens. Especially when intersections are designed to be time for texting.

It’s rough for a motorist these days.

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    Tweet 140: Bicycling Safety