Tweet 140 – Honda loves Monsters

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Ed note: This post is the first of a new feature I’ve had rattling around in my brain for a bit. The idea is to take a recent tweet and expand upon it, but keep in place a length restriction, in hopes that this makes me care about each word I use. Keeping the posts under 140 may mean that I cannot fully examine the topic, and 140 words isn’t even supposed to be long enough for search engines to crawl and index the page, but nonetheless I feel like this will be a good experiment and hopefully a fun lesson in expressing ideas quickly. I hope you enjoy.

The other day I was searching for a 30 Rock meme to share at work (don’t ask) and the YouTube ad that popped up was a #HondaLovesYouBack commercial for Monsters Calling. The impact of the ad aside (I mean, it convinced me not to press “skip”), the appeal behind the campaign is one that I cannot believe hasn’t been done before this. Consider the number of bands that use U-Haul equipment to move gear, go on tour, and even to perform out of. Moving forward, taking the big leap toward your dream; for a brand that could absolutely use an injection of hip and a better appeal to customers under 50, aligning with bands that use the products would be a fantastic pairing, and a natural out-growth. I applaud Honda for their campaign & still wish we’d thought of it first.

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