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It’s a little bit weird to admit, but I may have reached the point that events in my life cannot be properly digested until I hear Chris Hardwick mediate other people’s impressions on the topic, almost like a nerdier version of Vulture or Buzzfeed.

Let’s check out the facts:
The Walking Dead is awesome, and Talking Dead is the best possible companion show for it.
– I never watched Breaking/Talking Bad, but I’ll presume the same applies here.
– The Nerdist/Dr Who cross-overs = supercool
– @Midnight hilariously rounds up the interwebs and throws it all at me in 30 minutes.

Image representing Nerdist as depicted in Crun...

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Given that, it seems reasonable that other “smart” television should have an aftershow now too.
– Talking Sherlock
– Talk of Thrones
– Orange is the New Talk (Netflix team-up, yeah!)

Just imagine if we’d gotten on board with this earlier.  Talking Frasier would have been the best.

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    Tweet 140: Talking [Insert]