Where’s our Art?

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“I want to sleep in a city that never wakes up / and ramble about nostalgia”

Last night was First Friday, an evening when the entire downtown wakes up and celebrates the Arts District.

It’s a great evening with new shows, extended hours, open artists studios, live bands, community, and tons of chatter about what events are going on and where to meet everyone at. First Friday was one of the first events I attended over a decade ago that made me want to move downtown.

….but it only happens once a month.

Where’s the art that confronts us outside our expected, allocated time for it?

Where’s the street art that makes us think, makes us acknowledge the problems we’ve been ignoring?

Phoenix has a lot of great artists, why can I only see them in a gallery? Art is to be shared, ingested and discussed, not hidden in a room and available only during viewing hours.

We’re a great, young city, jam-packed with all the elements of a great melting pot. Let’s start letting it spill over and celebrate our creativity.


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