100 Things About Me, Parts 26 – 50

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26. I like the smell of the light blue mr.sketch marker.  I’m also pretty chill with all vis-a-vis markers.
27. I get confused by fax machines.  Should really just set them up as e-mail printers instead.
28. I have never been to a wedding for a friend of mine.  Once for a co-worker, that was because I wanted to see her cousin who I used to date.
29. Ice is over-rated.  I hate watered down drinks that do NOT include whiskey.
30. Sometimes in the elevator people think I’m new to the company because of the department I work for.  I rarely tell them I’ve been there 10 years.  Instead of politely respond in ways that make them feel intellectually inferior.
31. My favorite Christmas Carol is “Silver Bells”.  My least favorite is that crappy Wings song.
32. I am very bad at: time management, freethrows, keeping track of my pants and driving a standard.
33. I sing things at random times, usually somethings someone has just said nearby.
34. My favorite mode of transportation is train.  Light Rail, Go!!
35. Kirstin Dunst is frequently in my 5.  Usually she’s only removed when I forget she was MaryJane Watson.
36. I like classic names and strong names.  Don’t try to get fancy, just be direct.
37. History was my favorite academic subject.  Math & Science always came easy enough, and then I forget everything after I took the test.
38. I never studied for tests.  It’s bad luck I think.
39. I once was walking and got hit by a car.  I was five and managed to jump on the hood.  Since then I’ve never been afraid of cars.
40. Orange juice is my favorite beverage derived from a fruit.  Unless there turns out to be a Whiskey Fruit, but I doubt that myth is true.
41. “How I Met Your Mother” is my favorite television show.
42. I once held a job that should have required me to wear an oxygen tank and full protective gear.  It was the BK Lounge
43. I do not believe at love at first sight.  Gotta check out both sides, at least.
44. Sometimes I buy random produce at the grocery store, but I never use it.
45. I believe in karma, very much!!
46. Zoos make me a little sad, and a lot tired.
47. Commercials on Pandora is truely one of the worst changes ever.
48. I lothe kids who don’t listen.  I respect kids who can talk their parents into a corner.
49. I see the allure of cats, but I’m totally a dog person.  I don’t need to take care of something that might want to secretly kill me.  At least, not until I have kids.
50. I like green apples, I do not like red.  It used to be the other way around.

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